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New Podcast: Episode 350: Scourge of the Collector

It’s been an interesting week to be a Star Wars collector. Some report new figure finds at Wal Mart and Target, others can’t find anything but The Phantom Menace wave. Preorders of the Mandalorian Assault Transport were cancelled, but new San Diego Comic Con and Celebration VI exclusives were teased. On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast, Marjorie and Arnie look at these developments and what it means to be a Star Wars toy collector in 2012.
Also on this week’s podcast, Brock joins us with a review of the Star Wars novel Scourge. From Jeff Grubb, an author with a Star Wars background bringing us his first Star Wars novel, this adaptation of a story from the Star Wars Role Playing Game has some fans buzzing. Listen to Brock’s review to find out why!
And with Star Wars Celebration VI coming ever closer, announcements are continuing to flow. Listen to hear about the reveal of 10 exclusive art prints, and Diorama Workshop head Frank Diorio tells you some of his plans for a diorama twice as large as the one at Celebration V, and how you can help make it a reality! Plus, don’t forget to get your tickets now for the Yakface/Star Wars Action News party at Star Wars Celebration VI, with a FREE exclusive T-Shirt, food, drinks fun, friends, and music, it’s a time not to be missed!
All this and more on this week’s Star Wars Action News!

Listen Now: https://swactionnews.com/Podcasts/SWAN350.MP3

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