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New Podcast: Nov 19, Fett in Black

Price hikes. Repaint after repaint. Store exclusives that are impossible to find, and if you do order them they arrive mailed crushed into a too-small box. Yes, Hasbro Star Wars collecting right now is struggling as it adapts to a shifting marketplace and worsening global economic climate.

But hey, it’s still fun!

And here to talk about that fun is the Star Wars Action News team. Their collecting is still going strong despite the heavy headwinds, and there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be had. Join Arnie and Marjorie with special guests Andrew, Justin, Chris, and Johnathan as they discuss The Vintage Collection, Black Series figures, and how their collecting has changed in the current environment.

Plus on this episode, Arnie and Marjorie look at the Luke Dreamer statue from Gentle Giant. It represents an iconic moment from A New Hope……or does it? All that and more on this brand new Star Wars Action News podcast–helping collectors collect better!

Video Podcast:

Audio Podcast:

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