Month: December 2011


Episode 325: 2011 Year In Review Part 2 – High, Middle, and Low End Collecting

In addition to Hasbro Star Wars items, which we covered in Part 1 of our Year In Review Series, 2011 saw many other new additions to Star Wars collecting from the four-figure priced Sideshow Legendary Scale figures to the Star Wars magnetic mini licence plates from Topps, and so much in between. On this week’s […]


Episode 324: 2011 Year In Review Part 1 – Hasbro

This year’s biggest Hasbro Star Wars items may be the ones you DON’T own… Wedge Antilles from The Vintage Collection, the San Diego Comic Con Death Star figure set, the Toys R Us and Wal Mart exclusive mini-rig vehicles. But while item scarcity was a big topic for Star Wars collectors in 2011, there were […]