Episode 324: 2011 Year In Review Part 1 – Hasbro

This year’s biggest Hasbro Star Wars items may be the ones you DON’T own… Wedge Antilles from The Vintage Collection, the San Diego Comic Con Death Star figure set, the Toys R Us and Wal Mart exclusive mini-rig vehicles. But while item scarcity was a big topic for Star Wars collectors in 2011, there were also some great waves of figures, from The Vintage Collection fan’s choice Bastilla Shan to the Wave 3 Gamorrean Guard to R2 with the serving tray, and in the Clone Wars line Bariss Offee, Seripas, and not one but two Savage Oppress figures! On the latest Star Wars Action News podcast, Arnie and Marjorie are joined by Steve, Jerry, Jay, and Berent as they look back at 2011 for Hasbro Star Wars collectors for this first in the multi-episode 2011 Year in Review series.

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