Month: June 2014

Star Wars Exclusive Action Figure at…WALGREENS?

If you follow Marvel Toy collecting then you know the community has been buzzing this week with Hasbro’s confirmation that the formerly-cancelled Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure will be released this August as an exclusive.  More shocking was where the exclusive would be sold–Walgreens, the ubiquitous corner drug-store chain.  This is the first time Walgreens has carried […]


Episode 425: Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Verbose

With Hasbro having difficulty getting new figures to store pegs in any scale, collectors are forced to find their excitement places other than Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R Us. Most specifically The Disney Stores where a new 13-inch line of talking, articulated Star Wars figures have started to appear. The X-Wing Luke Skywalker and Stormtrooper […]