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New Podcast: Episode 345: Disney Dreams and ACME Give-aways

This week, Dan and Jerry are back to discuss all that is happening–or perhaps NOT happening at store shelves. Even though the “brick and mortars” are quiet, there is a lot of on-line news this week. Gentle Giant put three new pre-orders up and there’s sure to be something for everybody: a jumbo vintage figure, a deluxe mini-bust, and a deluxe statue. Also, news of a highly-anticipated Clone Wars battle pack hit and in the spirit of Republic Forces Radio Network; Jerry & Dan discuss the 35-second teaser trailer for Season 5.
But the highlight of this week’s show: our very own holocron enhancer, Berent, brings us an interview with artist William Silvers who was at the ACME Archives art exhibit at Disneyland this past week. Mr. Silvers was even kind enough to autograph a print, “The Kessel Run”, for a lucky listener.
But there’s more Disney fun to be had this week including the Build-a-Droid pieces that will be available at Tatooine Traders and you can hear what Jerry and Dan think about the “Carbon Freeze Me” promotion there as well. All this and a UK Store Report from Phil on this week’s episode of Star Wars Action News.

Listen Now: https://swactionnews.com/Podcasts/SWAN345.MP3

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