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New Podcast: 2019 Star Wars Collectors’ Year in Review

For Star Wars collectors 2019 was a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good included the most detailed Star Wars vehicle/playset ever in the form of Jabba’s Sail Barge. Plus the Black Series 6-inch line continued strong with great offerings from Clone Wars Armor Obi-Wan Kenobi to The Mandalorian, plus several Rise of Skywalker figures.

Mixed in with that was some bad: The limited-articulation 3.75″ line that had been a mainstay for years was cancelled. The Vintage Collection filled that niche, but lacked in new figures and in-store availability. The new 5-inch Galaxy of Adventures line didn’t click with many collectors.

Then in the ugly was the limited availability of Retro Collection figures at Target–especially the multi-colored Darth Vader. And what, no Baby Yoda toys?

In this new Star Wars Action News podcast the team comes together to reflect on what the last year brought–and what they hope the new year can deliver!

Watch the video podcast:

Or listen to the audio-only show:

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One Comment

  1. Mandalorian is FAR from superb. Terrible writing from top to bottom and I’m flabbergasted at how people can think this is any good. Idiotic situational plot holes that are impossible to ignore (so a sewer grate is the great impediment to escape for 3 heavily armed experts??), cringe acting for half of the characters presented, and an overall feeling that this is nothing but a well-financed cosplay endeavour for some rich kid who shouldn’t be allowed near the writing room (Sorry Jon Favreau, you can’t write for shit).
    The constantly hissing Twi’lek is a prime example of just embarrassing fan-fiction acting.
    Oh, and for 100 million dollars you’d think they could afford a foley artist, or hell, even just stock sounds, because this show is seriously devoid of any aural ambiance at all. It’s incredibly mind-blowing to watch a Star Wars film missing so much of the richness in sound it’s famous for.
    One episode was on-par with the Ewok Caravan of Courage in terms of production quality, writing and execution, and that is not a good thing at all.
    This show would have fit right in with Xena and Hercules back in the 90s.

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