Episode 504: SDCC 2018 Pre-Game Show

San Diego Comic-Con starts tomorrow! So be prepared for a deluge of news and reveals from your favorite toy and collectible companies. Arnie, Marjorie, Justin, Daryl, and Berent will be there bringing you all the Star Wars news there is.  To prepare for the con Marjorie and Arnie bring you this SDCC Pre-Game show. They look at all the Star Wars convention exclusives, discuss the new SDCC lottery system, and provide hands-on reviews of Hasbro’s SDCC exclusives including the Black Series Han Solo and The Vintage Collection Dr. Aphra 3-Pack.

With Brock reviewing the novelization of The Last Jedi and more, it’s all in this brand new episode of the Star Wars Action News podcast!



SDCC 2018 Exclusives:






        Baby Fuzzball by Flat Bonnie (Chewbacca — 100 made, $20)
        BunEwok Wall Art by Flat Bonnie (10 made, $100)
        Weekend Dad Trooper 3.75-in figure (25 made, $55)
        Jumbo Art Trooper Andy (12-in figure, 15 made, $165)
        No Toys 4 Us Geoffrey Giraffe Figure (40 made, $65)
        Worst Gift Ever 2-1B (40 made, $45)
        Ewokalypse Now figure (30 made, $55)



        Super Blitz Plush Chewbacca (2,000 made, $10)
        Super Blitz Plush Chewie with Goggles (2,000 made, $10)
        Super Blitz Lando (2,000 made, $10)
        Super Blitz Qi’ra (2,000 made $10)
        Super Blitz Han Solo (2,000 made $10)
        Star Wars Movie Poster Pins — only $1,000 made. $25


    Super 7:  Booth 4945



    Entertainment Earth: (Pre-order now online, ships after con if stock available)







        Solo Print by Russell Walks – $35




        AT-AT Backpack Set $60
        Han Solo Backpack Set $50
        Han Solo Handbag Set (Rebel symbol) $50
        Endor Scout Coach’s Jacket $60
        Endor Commando Coaches Jacket $60






        Jumbo Return of the Jedi Fett on ROTJ card $80
        McQuarrie Yoda Mini-Bust (750 made, $100)
        Jedi Luke Mini-Bust with light-up saber ($120)
        Left Coast Graphics Cantina Adventure Pin Set $24, limited to 1500
        Left Coast Graphics Collector Enamel Pins, blind box. Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Han Solo (small head), Chewbacca and one MYSTERY CHASE character. PG members can buy whole set, including chase for $100.



        Lando & Lobot Keepsake Ornaments (2,975 made, $35)
        Boba Fett itty bitty on Vintage Card (2,500 made)
        Golden BB-8 Perpetual Calendar (1,200 made)
        PXL8 Boushh and Han in Carbonite Pins



        Porg mini-backpack (limited to 500, and also shared with Think Geek)



        Porg and Falcon Hot Wheels



      Egg Attack Boba Fett – 140 sets made. $80



        No Character Key
        Empire Strikes Back Darkness Shines Metallic Variant : $65
        Other silkscreen pritns




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