Episode 270: When 900 Years Old You Reach, Smell As Good You Will Not!

With The Force Unleashed 2 hoopla dying down (as everyone has already beaten the game) Marjorie and Arnie return to business as usual on Star Wars Action News, running down the latest sales in stores and online, as well as reviewing a number of new items they’ve found in stores including Target’s exclusive Star Wars Mini Muggs and the Yoda: Bring You Wisdom I Will statue and book! Also on this week’s show, Nathan P. Butler provides a comprehensive look at collecting Star Wars home video releases, and Steve “The Gingerprince” checks in with the latest toys hitting UK shelves. With a contest to win a Lego Slave I set and much much more, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News! And after listening be sure to stop by the Star Wars Action News forums at swactionnews.com and sign up for the Star Wars Action News annual Sithmas Gift Exchange where you trade holiday gifts with other Star Wars fans! This has been a fun event Darth Prime has been running for several years now, and the first deadline is November 23rd! So head to swactionnews.com and sign up today!

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