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STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE – A Trailer Breakdown

The trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is here!  Believe it or not, this trailer has me more excited than any of The Force Awakens did. You can watch the full trailer, then read my thoughts below!

My immediate reactions as the trailer played: (click the images for larger views)

Ah, a semi-criminal rogue joining the rebellion. It worked for Han Solo and several stories in the abandoned EU. Very interested in seeing it on screen.Her name is Jyn Erso and she has a strong British accent, causing an immediate comparison to Daisy Ridley’s Rey. The actress is Felicity Jones, an actress best known for a strong turn as Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything. She was almost Black Cat in Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man series, but her part was cut from that second film and the series is now rebooting. Instead, she’ll get her franchise role here. 1
The costumes for Rebel troops look amazing, as does the Yavin temple set. This environment I know so well from the 1977 Star Wars and it’s exciting to see here in new context.

Plus — GONK!

They’re really putting that plexiglass green line prop to abundant use. First General Organa was behind it in all The Force Awakens posters, and now here. I don’t remember it being that big a part of the original trilogy–and the diagonal neon lines makes it look like Mon Mothma is at a dance club from Bad BoysSpeaking of Mon…  3b
Holy cow does this actress (Genevieve O’Reilly) look like the original actress from Return of the Jedi (played by Caroline Blakiston)! This is the same actress who played Mon Mothma in Revenge of the Sith but the look is much closer here.But does she only have one gown during the Galactic Civil War? (I kid–the outfit helps reinforce who this character is from Jedi memories.  5
Classic Stormtroopers. I figured there had to be some, but it’s awesome to see them on screen again. And Jyn kicks butt!  4
Lens flare! Nothing but lens flare!

J.J. may not be directing, but the green neon screens, lens flare, his impact is felt.

A Star Destroyer! My geek excitement meter just hit a 7 out of 10!  8
Wait…it’s in front of the Death Star? Up that geek meter to 8 out of 10!!And they’re installing the sensor dish. Awesome. It seems very plug-n-play. Good interface design, those Imperials.  9
Holy crap — a new, bad-ass Imperial. The white outfit…is that a Grand Admiral? Pity he’s not blue skinned. With the hair I wonder if it’s Tarkin, who must be in this film somewhere, but the outfit is wrong.The actor is Ben Mendelsohn. He’s been acting for over 30 years, but I’ve only seen him in a couple roles and can’t place him without rewatching.  10
Forest Whitaker as an ally for Jyn. I love Whitaker, from Good Morning, Vietnam to Species to Phone Booth and many roles in between. Nice to see a “name” actor in the film, but I want to know more about him.  11
A new type of stormtrooper. A flametrooper for the Galactic Civil War? I like the black armor, but I do wonder why these troops were never seen in the Original Trilogy (a continuity error each new movie will introduce I’m sure).  12
Now who is this samurai bad-ass? His outfit and fighting really hearkens back to Lucas’ original inspiration for Star WarsThe Seven SamuraiThis actor is Donnie Yen, a Hong Kong action star who I’ve seen only in Iron Monkey, Blade 2, and Shanghai Knights. I’m intrigued by his addition.  13
More black-clad Stormtroopers. I’ve long been a fan of the “Shadow Trooper” look, and really want to see these guys in action (as well as an explanation for their special suits).  14
Oh that white cape is going to be so dirty from that muddy water. Bad fashion choice — or stay on dry land  15
Whoosa what now? Royal guards…that means The Emperor. A black-hooded figure coming to kneel…it’s obviously not Vader (who we will likely see in Rogue One), but is it a new Sith? A dark jedi? (Could there be a traitor in Jyn’s midst? I’d tend to think so.)  16
Are those AT-ATs?  17
Holy crap, those ARE AT-ATs! Geek Meter at 10! I can’t wait to see these bad boys in action — my favorite vehicle from perhaps the entire Star Wars saga!  18
Are they trying to sell us Jyn as an Imperial? From the opening I think this is more likely some sort of disguise…or her origin story. I could be wrong.  19
IS IT DECEMBER YET?!?!?!?!?!?!  20



Those are my thoughts. Share yours with us in our forums!

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  1. Right there with you, this trailer has me super-excited for the film where I admit I wasn’t before. Lots of great throw-backs and nostalgia to be had and a story that looks to have plenty of ‘grit’ to it.

  2. I’d go a step further with the Jyn/Rey comparison. What if Rogue One is the saga’s way of answering the lingering question about Rey’s backstory?

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