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New Podcast: Episode 383: A Wave-Full of Yakface

For fans of Star Wars 3.75-inch figures the news is bad. No new figures will be shipping for months, rumors of Target removing all Star Wars items from their toy aisles abound, and the last wave of Clone Wars figures can only be found in Germany and Canada. On this episode of Star Wars Action News, your hosts Marjorie and Arnie run down the state of collecting, and discuss how far they are willing to go in search of these new figures.But not all is bleak; new Star Wars novelty items are appearing in the holiday aisles of Toys R Us and Target. From pastel Vader heads to bunny-eared Stormtroopers, the hosts review the new product hitting shelves.With a discussion of the newest item in Sideshow’s Star Wars Mythos line of statues, bargain-priced Hasbro toys, and more, it’s all in this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

Listen Now: https://swactionnews.com/Podcasts/SWAN383.MP3

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