Episode 241: First Vintage Collection Figure Review — 4-Lom & Zuckuss

It’s hard to recall a Hasbro toy that has excited the collector base as much as their recent announcement of returning to the Star Wars style that made it famous–the cards from the 70s and early 80s with Hasbro’s new The Vintage Collection. At Jedi-Con the first Vintage Collection figures were sold, the 4-Lom/Zuckuss reversed-name 2 pack, and this week on Star Wars Action News, Arnie and Marjorie provide the first hands-on review of this new figure style! Also this week, Jerry returns with his vintage reviews, continuing his look at the die-cast Kenner Micro Collection sets from The Empire Strikes Back. With a review of the Uncle Milton Optical Command Unit, two comic book reviews, news about Star Wars on Blu Ray, and a review of the Gentle Giant The Force Unleashed Sith Apprentice Mini-Bust 2-pack, it’s all this week on the Star Wars Action News podcast!

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