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New Podcast: November 5, 2021 Repacks, Repaints, and a Rancor

Collectors come together to talk about Star Wars collecting with Black Series repaints, Vintage Collection rereleases, and one big freakin’ Haslab Rancor.

Star Wars collecting has its challenges. From backed up shipping docks to rising prices, improper packaging, hard-to-find exclusives, and more, it’s easy for fans to become frustrated with Hasbro Black Series and Vintage Collection collecting.

In the wise words of Obi-Wan, “Don’t give in to hate.” On this new Star Wars Action News podcast a group of friends and collectors come together to discuss how these circumstances change their collecting habits. And how the frustration can be avoided!

We hope you enjoy this new podcast, and may the pegs be stocked and the Force be with you!

Video Podcast:

Audio Podcast:

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  1. Long time listener, but my first time commenting. You all were my first podcast that I first started listening to in the 6th grade. I am now graduated from College with my first post grad job. Can’t begin to express how much you all mean to Star Wars fans everywhere.

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