Hasbro’s 2019 Black Series Fan’s Choice Poll – Our Results

Starting Tuesday, February 19, Hasbro partnered with Star Wars Action News and other prominent Star Wars collecting sites to get a Fan’s Choice Figure released in their Black Series 6-Inch figure line in 2020.

This Fan’s Choice vote was different than many others as it had one limitation: As 2020 is the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back all characters in the poll must be from that movie.

Each site is submitting their own list to Hasbro for calculating the final round of voting, which will take place on Hasbro’s Pulse website.

This morning Star Wars Action News submitted the Top 10 figures as chosen by you, and here are the results:

The winner, by a large margin, was Lobot–the non-speaking aide to Lando Calrissian in Bespin. He had nearly double the points of the next person.

But droids had a strong showing. Both 2-1B and FX-7, the medical droids from Hoth (and classic Vintage Kenner figures) made it in the top 10. Other choices that didn’t crack the top were a redone R2-D2 with Dagobah dirt, IG-88, and K-3PO.

While only the 10 figures in the graph above were submitted to Hasbro (at their request), for fans interested in “runners-up” here are the top 25 figures as requested by you in our part of this poll:

CharacterTotal Points
Wilrow Hood151
Hoth Rebel Trooper146
Bespin Leia (red dress)146
Wedge Antilles (Snowspeeder)117
Boba Fett99
Dagobah Training Luke with Yoda Backpack75
Bespin Luke Re-Do (Battle Damage)71
Bespin Security Guard70
Major Bren Derlin63
Probe Droid63
Admiral Ozzel53
Bespin Han Solo / Han in Carbonite51
Bespin Twin Cloud Car Pilot48
Chewbacca with broken C3P0 on his back42
AT-AT driver37
Hoth Luke34
R2-D2 Dagobah30
Carlist Rieekan29
C-3P0 with removable limbs/cargo net29

What do you think of these results? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And thank you to everyone who voted in the poll this week, as well as thanks to Hasbro and their PR team for inviting Star Wars Action News to be part of this event!

Stay tuned, we will post when the final round of voting begins, and when the winning figure is known!

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