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New Podcast: Episode 397: Look at the Size of That Thing!

Note: Starting in May, 2013 with version 11.0.3 an Apple iTunes update changed the iTunes Miniplayer. This update changed what must be done to view enhanced podcast images in iTunes. To view these images:Start playing the podcast in iTunes. At the top of iTunes you will see the player bar with a small icon of the show cover art.

In Windows hold down Ctrl and click the cover icon. In Mac hold down Command and click the cover icon. This will pop up a new window where you can see enhanced images. (if you just click on the icon it only shows a larger icon, no enhanced images).

In preparation of The Yoda Chronicles premiere on Cartoon Network LEGO revealed their largest model ever–a life-sized X-Wing. For Star Wars days at LEGOLand the X-Wing trekked across the country, and Star Wars Action News’ reporter Berent was on hand to see it and talk to the master builder behind it. How many bricks does it take to get to the center of a life-sized X-Wing? Listen to Berent’s interview to find out!

Also on this week’s show, Marjorie and Arnie look at the new San Diego Comic-Con exclusives announced by Gentle Giant and Petco, as well as the non-exclusive announcement from Sideshow Collectibles.

With a review of Gentle Giant’s C6 exclusive Clone Lieutenant statue, Brock reviewing Troy Denning’s new novel, and so much more, it’s all in this week’s Star Wars Action News!

Listen Now: https://swactionnews.com/Podcasts/SWAN397.MP3

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