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Author Peter David Has Stroke, Needs Help

Peter David is one of my favorite authors. While he has not done much Star Wars (he did write the one-off comic “Skippy the Jedi Droid”) I started reading his Star Trek novels when I was 13, his Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man comics after that, and have followed his career closely. I have reviewed several of his novels as part of Marvelicious Toys as well, and will have a review shortly for Books & Nachos of others.

Most of all, on my birthday last year on a whim he followed a Twitter request I jokingly made and Tweet-wrote a Star Trek Dr. Seuss story “Horta Hears a Q” (to later be published on this site when I get the requested cover art). I can’t remember a better birthday surprise.

Early this week I found out he had a stroke while on vacation with his family, including his 10-year-old daughter, at Disney World in Florida.  For those interested in the details, David’s wife Kathleen has posted daily updates on Peter’s blog.

David is now in a Florida hospital as they continue to monitor his situation and plan a strategy for when he can return home to New York and begin rehabilitation.  However, despite being insured, the medical bills are already starting to mount and David’s family has a long and expensive journey ahead of them.

Like many fans, I have wondered what could be done to help with this.  Today Kathleen posted how Peter’s fans can help, and get some great reading material in the process.  In addition to all his licensed works, David has written original fiction for Crazy-8 Press.  They are available through Amazon either as Kindle books or Print On Demand paper copies.

If you ever liked Incredible Hulk, X-Factor, his Star Trek novels, or some of his other great works please consider picking up a few of the books listed in the blog post.

As a fan of David’s, I already owned some of the books listed, but have now purchased the rest and shall be posting reviews at the Books & Nachos podcast to help spread the word about David’s novels.

We wish David an easy and speedy recovery.

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