Episode 373: Toy Run For Tots

It’s the holiday season and for Star Wars Action News hosts its a time to reflect back on childhood, getting an AT-AT under the Christmas tree, holiday shopping for an Empire Strikes Back Yoda and more. But many children today won’t have memories like those, but organizations like Toys For Tots are there to help. On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast, Marjorie and Arnie take you on a toy run unlike any they’ve recorded before, where they’re buying toys not for their own collection but to donate to a Toys For Tots that’s much in need. Listen, then donate some toys!Also on this week’s podcast, the Star Wars Action News crew join in with their own Star Wars collecting news. Johnathan reviews some of the final Vintage Collection figures, Brock gives a review of Annihilation–the latest Old Republic novel, and Steve the Gingerprince joins us with a UK report including some recent birthday gifts and new figure finds across the pod.With the last Toy Man Toy Show of 2012, some online Vintage Collection bargains, and more, it’s on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

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