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Underground Collecting Goes Public at the Star Wars Celebration VI Swap Meet

At Star Wars Celebration some of the hottest, hard to find collectibles aren’t on the show floor but in the suitcase of your fellow fan. Hotel sales have long been an after-hours activity of the Star Wars collector looking to find that rare vintage figure, a unique international item, or other prize Star Wars items.

This year at Star Wars Celebration VI the hotel sales get opened up to you! Friday night after the con, the Star Wars Collectors’ Swap Meet will be held at 6:30 pm in the new Star Wars Collectors’ Social Area. Bring some collectibles that you are willing to part with and see items from other Star Wars collections! Make a trade, work a deal, and find that item that has eluded you for so long!

The Star Wars Collectors’ Social Area is in room W304. Set-up begins at 5pm for those bringing collectibles to sell or trade. Selling is limited to just a handful of items per person though (what you can carry), so collectors should plan accordingly.


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