Episode 315: A Comical Story

Star Wars collectors know the feeling of completing a set. Be it a full set of Power of the Force 2 figures, a full set of Sci-Fi Book Club hardcover novels, a full set of West End Games Role Playing guides, or the full 92 vintage figures, these journeys can be long, or can be as quick as the right eBay auction. On this week’s Star Wars Action News, Arnie tells how one of his collecting holy grail quests was accomplished as a birthday gift for Marjorie. Listen to find out what vintage collection it is!
Also on this week’s show, Brock joins us for two book reviews: Fate of the Jedi – Ascension by Christie Golden, and the 20th Anniversary Edition of Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire! And Marjorie and Arnie review the Toys R Us exclusive Death Star Trench Run vehicle pack, and tell you where the best deal on Vintage figures is this week.
With the Top 10 figures submitted to Hasbro based on listener votes, the winner of the Wal-Mart exclusive Blu-Ray Boba Fett poster, and more, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

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