Episode 306: SDCC Is Over, What Are You Gonna Do? I’m Going To Disneyland!

SDCC is over but the dust is far from settled. On this week’s Star Wars Action News, Marjorie and Arnie report on what they did the Sunday of Comic-Con…they went to Disneyland and checked out Star Tours 2.0! Listen as they report on the new ride, as well as the exclusive Hasbro Star Wars action figures available only at Disneyland!
Also on this week’s show, Justin, Arnie, and Marjorie bring you news of where you can find new Star Wars toys, from K-Mart to Target to Toys R Us. From Blu Ray 4-packs to Target Vintage 3-packs to new Battle Packs, vehicles, and so much more, it’s all reviewed on this week’s podcast!
With a discussion on the recent UK lawsuit over Stormtrooper helmets, and more, it’s all on this week’s Star Wars Action News!

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