Year: 2010


Episode 275: The Lego Pen Is Mightier Than The Lightsaber Pen

As we move into the final week before Christmas it’s catch-up time on Star Wars Action News as Marjorie and Arnie run down the latest half-off Star Wars toy sales for the last minute Christmas shopper (or bargain collector), and they review a number of new items including the lightsaber pens from, new Lego […]


Episode 270: When 900 Years Old You Reach, Smell As Good You Will Not!

With The Force Unleashed 2 hoopla dying down (as everyone has already beaten the game) Marjorie and Arnie return to business as usual on Star Wars Action News, running down the latest sales in stores and online, as well as reviewing a number of new items they’ve found in stores including Target’s exclusive Star Wars […]


Republic Forces Radio Network Season 3 Episode 3: Supply Lines, with Ashley Eckstein!

This week, the hosts of Republic Forces Radio Network gather to talk about this week’s new Clone Wars episode, Supply Lines. Nathan brings us the “Continuity Coroner” report, and Marjorie joins us to talk with Ashley Eckstein about what it’s like to be Ahsoka Tano!


Episode 263: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

It has been a very busy week for Star Wars collectors. And as all things should, they came in 3s. Gentle Giant released for sale 3 new Vintage “Jumbo” Figures, Sideshow announcing 3 new 12″ figures, and Marjorie finding 3 new Halloween Themed bobble heads at Target. Also this week, we discuss some items showing […]


Episode 261: Does Size Matter? 12 inches of Fett vs 4 inches of Fett

At Celebration 5 the hottest exclusive hands down was Gentle Giant’s twelve inch replica of the vintage Boba Fett figure, designed to pull at the heartstrings of fans who grew up with vintage figures. This week the hosts of Star Wars Action News have one in hand, as well as the vintage Boba Fett Kenner […]