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New Podcast: Episode 363: Pablo Hidalgo’s Essential Companion

On October 6, 2012 is the first Star Wars Reads day. Across the country bookstores will be hosting events celebrating Star Wars books, both fiction and nonfiction. Many stores are having Star Wars authors speak and autograph books, including the Barnes and Noble in Roseville, MN where Star Wars Action News hosts Marjorie and Arnie […]

New Podcast: Episode 362: He’s Alive…And In Perfect Hibernation

Star Wars Celebration VI is almost a month behind us, but the memories are still fresh, as are the collectibles! From coast to coast Celebration attendees are receiving their Disney Carbon Freeze Me statues! Marjorie and Arnie got theirs in the mail last week, so listen to this week’s hands-on review of these truly one-of-a-kind […]

New Podcast: Episode 361: Celebration VI Memories

With so much anticipation it’s hard to believe Star Wars Celebration VI is over, but with all the good times come good memories! On this week’s Star Wars Action News, Marjorie and Arnie listen to recounts of some of the best times people had at Star Wars Celebration VI, from meeting celebrities to shopping to […]

New Podcast: Episode 360 Part 5: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Celebration

On Sunday night Star Wars Celebration was winding down, but the Collectors’ Social Area still had hundreds of people pouring through trying to complete their Star Tots collection! Marjorie, Arnie, Berent, Jay, and Steve were all there handing out Star Tots but as the line grew longer the Star Wars Action News team took a […]

New Podcast: Republic Forces Radio Network Celebration VI Clone Wars Coverage

Clone Wars may still be on summer vacation, but at Star Wars Celebration VI the Wars raged on, and Republic Forces Radio Network hosts Jerry, Johnathan, and Arnie were there! From an early Season 5 premiere to something totally new called Young Jedi, listen for the report on Clone Wars from C6! This episode has […]

New Podcast: Episode 360 Part 4: On the Floor with Chris Gore

On Sunday Star Wars Celebration VI started to wind down, but Marjorie and Arnie were still going strong. Marjorie had her new tattoo, Arnie had a number of purchases, and they were recording all about it at The Force United booth! But this podcast ended up being Podcrashed by Chris Gore. Chris was covering Celebration […]

New Podcast: Episode 360 Part 3: Live from Celebration VI, Saturday Afternoon

Celebration VI was underway, George Lucas was taking a Detour on stage, but Marjorie, Arnie, and a number of Star Wars Action News listeners were still having fun in the Star Wars Collectors’ Social Area Saturday at noon! Listen to the second live podcast from the show where the Star Wars Action News hosts discuss […]

New Podcast: Episode 360 Part 2: Partying with Yakface and Star Wars Action News

Thursday at Star Wars Celebration VI was the night of the Star Wars Action News/Yakface party. An edible Jabba attended, as did Slave Leia to flip the roles and eat the Hutt! Prizes were handed out, death sticks were consumed, and Jerry got to talk to several of the attendees about their expectations for Star […]

New Podcast: Episode 360 Part 1: Live from Celebration VI Friday, Thinking Geek with Mark McKenna

At Star Wars Celebration VI Marjorie, Arnie, and Steve the Ginger Prince recorded a live show in the Collectors’ Social Area, and were joined by guests from Think Geek and Star Wars artist Mark McKenna! They discuss the latest reveals from the Hasbro Star Wars panel, shopping on the show floor, and give their impressions […]

New Podcast: Episode 359: The Star Wars Celebration VI Pre-Game Show

Even before the end of Star Wars Celebration V fans were starting to look forward to the next time they could get together with friends, Star Wars fans, from around the world. That’s because no other event or convention offers the programming, the exclusives, the events, and the excitement Star Wars fans find at Star […]