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RUMOR: Could Chewbacca Delay 6-Inch Black Series Wave 4?

  Could Hasbro have a problem with Chewbacca?  That is the word that comes to us from a reliable source in the UK.  Please note everything in this article should be taken as rumor until confirmation from Hasbro. At Toy Fair International 2014 Hasbro announced the new package for the Star Wars Black Series figures.  At […]

Deal Alert: Gentle Giant C6 Exclusive Clone Trooper Statue – 35% Off

Gentle Giant’s Star Wars statues are often in high demand with edition sizes over 1,000. And Clone Troopers from the Star Wars prequel films are fan-favorites–they’re like stormtroopers with big guns and good aim! So it makes no sense to me, no sense at all, that Gentle Giant’s Clone Trooper Lieutenant Statue, exclusive to Star […]

Preorder Alert: Star Wars Geonosis Infantry Battle Droids by Sideshow

Battle Droids – the canon fodder of the Separatist Army!  On Naboo they killed countless Gungans, but on Geonosis they faced a more fierce enemy–Jedi.  Through sheer numbers these red-plated war machines fought a pitched battle in the arena before the war spread across the planet, then across the galaxy! Now Sideshow Collectibles gives you […]


Save on Gentle Giant Jumbo “Vintage” Figures — Today Only

  Gentle Giant’s Vintage Jumbo Figures have been a huge hit with Star Wars collectors.  These figures are blown-up versions of Kenner’s vintage Star Wars figures, digitally scanned and recreated at a 12-inch size. If you’ve been hunting for a bargain on some of these today is a great day to stock up as Entertainment Earth’s […]